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The software platform for building and deploying intelligent Virtual Assistants at scale.

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Engage Your Customers with Smart, Automated Conversation

No Developer Needed

Build a customizable chat widget and easily deploy it on any website -  
no coding required.

Increase Conversion Rates

Proactively engage with visitors on your website and never miss another sales opportunity.

Work Smarter with NLP

Bavard’s Virtual Assistants can receive forms, chat live, and engage with customers in several languages.

Analyze Conversation Flows

Bavard provides an intuitive drag-and-drop Conversation Flow designer to support a personalized conversation flow. Create Conversation Flows easily by dropping nodes onto a canvas.

A variety of Assistant and user action types are available, including utterances, email forms, and regular forms. Additional Assistant actions are currently in development and will be soon released.

Test your Assistant Before Publishing

With Bavard you can easily create Virtual Assistants to automate a variety of tasks and ensure your customer experiences are delightful and efficient. Choose from an array of design options to align your Assistant’s appearance to your brand’s colors and iconography.

Before you publish your Assistant you can perform a demo to confirm that the appearance, content, and Conversation Flow are appropriately configured.

Customizable Design Settings

If you choose to deploy your assistant as a chat widget on your website, the visual elements are highly customizable so you can easily make a beautiful widget that matches your brand style.

Live Chat

Once your assistant is deployed, you can log in to our mobile friendly Message Center site to monitor all live and past interactions with it.

The message center can show you customer metadata like location and device type. You can also intercept live conversations and chat directly with the customer in real time.