Bavard's conversational chatbots are customizable for almost any industry.
Choose a plan that works best for you and your team!

Flexible Pricing



  • 1 bot per workspace
  • 2 team members
  • 10 intents
  • 1 conversation flow
  • Basic NLP
  • Livechat
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  • 3 bots per workspace
  • 5 team members
  • 30 intents
  • 10 conversation flows
  • Advanced NLP
  • Livechat
  • Personal "Concierge" Service
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  • 10 bots per workspace
  • 30 team members
  • 100 intents
  • 30 conversation flows
  • Advanced NLP
  • Livechat
  • Personal "Concierge" Service
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How can a chatbot help my customer's experience?
Chatbots have become an important communication tool because they allow consumers 24/7 access to your brand in a way that’s instant, familiar, and conversational. They can increase customer engagement and make the customer journey smoother, while reducing customer support time and boosting employee productivity.

Do I need coding skills to build my chatbot? Can I easily make changes?
Bavard's chatbots are "no-code" and can take as little as 10 minutes to build and only a few minutes to integrate with your platform. We offer a wizard-based onboarding that allows you to create your chatbot in a number of steps and once the workspace and chatbot have been created, you will have full access to the bot and all of its features to make any edits.
How do I install my chatbot on my website? 
Installation is straightforward. For Shopify stores, we have an app and for Wordpress websites, we have a plugin. For other platforms like Wix or Webflow, you can add an “Embed Custom Code” option from your toolbar and paste in the code snippet from your chatbot. Once you click save, the bot should appear on your site. Check out our video tutorials.

How does billing work?
As a startup, Bavard’s billing structure is subject to change as we grow and better understand our clients’ needs. As of now, Bavard has a very simple billing setup. We offer a variety of tiers depending on your precise needs, with the higher tiers having more advanced AI features and managed services. Each tier is billed monthly and can be cancelled at any time, no contracts.