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Conversations are better with Bavard.


Our Story

Here at Bavard we're passionate about developing the best AI-powered chatbots on the market to engage and support your customers. Headquartered in beautiful Park City, Utah, Bavard was founded in July 2020 by siblings David Brown (Lead Engineer/CTO) and Angelique Brown (CEO).

We're building the future of conversational AI.
You’ve seen the chatbots of today, but Bavard has built the next-level, advanced model that can handle dynamic interactions such as complex customer service and sales interactions. And, our no-code, intelligent chatbots can be shared across all of a company’s platforms. We think that's pretty cool.

Come Bavard with us!

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Our Name

Bavard  -  pronounced “buh-vard”, comes from the French word “Bavarder” meaning “To Chat”. As a noun, it connotes a chatterbox. That’s us! Your friendly chatterbots.